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Choose the Right High Pressure Water Cleaner Using These Four Points

March 31, 2019 | Author: | Posted in FAMILY

High-pressure water cleaners and water blasters are used in everything from degreasing machinery on a mine site, to cleaning the roof of a building. Following is a four point guide to help you with choosing the right high pressure water cleaner.

1. Pressure is important

Pressure is measured in pound per square inch (psi) in high water presser cleaners and blasters. Whether you are using an industrial presser washer, a rental spec pressure cleaner or a mine spec pressure cleaner a high presser level that isn’t so high it damages is important.

3000 psi is a good general cleaning pressure. A petrol pressure washer is a highly effective general cleaner. One like the Honda galvanised water blaster is one. If a higher pressure is needed for getting rid of greasy or sticky substances, a Kohler super duty mine spec pressure cleaner is the right choice with a high pressure. When a high-pressure water cleaner/blaster goes above 4,000 psi it strips rather than cleans. Some even operate up to 7,000 psi however then you have to look for highly rated hoses and fittings for working with these high pressures safely.

2. Check the flow rate

A water blaster’s flow is measured in litres per minute (LPM). A flow rate of 18LPM is best for most general applications, but a higher flow rate is required when there is a large volume of substance to clean off, like washing large amounts of mud out of a truck.

3. Heating

There are different models that can handle hot and cold water. Some materials that are hard to clean off will need the heated water as well as the high pressure and flow rate. A Washmate washbay has an inbuilt gas burner to make the water hot.

4. Chemicals to help clean

Finally when choosing the right high pressure water cleaner for your application look at it’s ability to take cleaning chemicals. There is a venturi attachment that is need for your water blaster pump when also using chemicals so make sure that the pump has the fittings to handle it.

Whatever high-pressure water cleaning requirement you have – we can assist! For more information about pressure cleaner trailers, portable pumps and more, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or go here to view our web-site.



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