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Leads and your Web Design

June 9, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Search Engine Optimization

When approaching a new site design or if you are building a site from scratch, you must consider incorporating the science of conversion marketing into your overall plans. The data and hard numbers are there for everyone to see and there is really no excuse for not at least understanding the basics based on the research out there. You can’t be expected to master conversion marketing, if this is not your field, but you should do some general reading so you can ask the right questions of the company you work with.

It’s important that your website is not just a pretty picture. That’s not enough to have an impact on your business. This can be a risk of working with a designer with little or no business experience outside of design. It can be a lost opportunity to work with a team with little or no conversion marketing expertise. You need to ensure that your designer is not treating your website as an outlet for their creativity. Always consider your target audience, the user experience, and your ultimate business goals.

Your site has to sell twenty four hours a day, seven days a week… in the form of sales, leads, or sign ups. Remember, your website may be viewed by millions of people every month, all of whom will make judgments about your company based on their experience with the site. It can be a scary thought, but an empowering one too. The decision to purchase your product or service, is strongly influenced by their experience with your company’s website.

Web Design Shorthand

Think about color contrast when you are contemplating your site. And don’t forget to consider how those colors will look across different devices. There is almost never a good enough reason to have a dark background with light text in your main body. Dark backgrounds don’t show well on certain devices, especially on smartphones. There are some excellent sites that allow you to test your website in different browsers, different computer screen resolutions, on a variety of tablets and smartphones.

Less is more. People do tend to go overboard and try to put everything relevant to their business on their website. People don’t surf the web this way. They scan. And they have very short attention spans. Break it down and strip away anything that is unnecessary. If at all possible, aim for one clear goal for every page. And don’t just focus on your homepage. Think of a call to action and your page purpose for every single page.

People won’t wait for your site if it is slow. Test your site and make sure it loads within three seconds. Just search google for the term “test your website speed” and you’ll find a number of free services where you can simply add the url of your site and click a button to get the results.

Video is king. An investment in some video for your site is almost a requirement these days. It’s no longer optional. Surfers have grown accustomed to viewing video at websites. It increases engagement, time spent at your site, and conversions. And online video is not cost prohibitive. The quality of everyday video equipment is sufficient for most online video. There are some guidelines you should follow and there are basic quality standards that need to be met. Above all, make sure the sound is excellent. People will tolerate average picture quality but not poor sound.

Testimonials are social proof and are absolutely necessary for your site. Video is a great medium for testimonials. It is more believable and more personal. And don’t just be self promoting when getting testimonials. There’s a good way to get a story from a happy client.

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