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PS3 And The Yellow Light Of Death

August 13, 2019 | Author: | Posted in INTERNET

The PlayStation 3 is probably the most enjoyable video gaming unit in its age with a ton of users worldwide spending hours and hours at a time on it. That is, until the dreaded problem that many Playstation owners face occurs: the particular yellow light of death (YLOD).

Similar to the red ring of death of the Xbox 360 system, this YLOD has turned into probably the most common issue for owners of the Ps3. When the ylod pops up on the PlayStation system, the machine will no longer be usable. According to Sony, the particular yellow light of death signifies some type of equipment failure.

Usually the yellow light of death appears if the machine is around 2 years old, well past the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty provided by Sony. As such, the PS3 owners need to either buy a completely new device, deliver it off to be restored, or fix the particular YLOD by themselves. There’s 2 methods to get about repairing the console, that’s, doing it on your own or perhaps paying Sony to get it done for you.

A lot of attempts have already been done by many PS3 owners to fix this particular yellow light of death problem. That is provided that a person really knows precisely what he or she is doing. No spending heaps of cash for a device you’ve already paid for, and no dealing with the bothersome customer service and also shipping fees.

On the other hand, if the individual or perhaps his friend does not have any clue regarding any type of electronic devices, and they make an effort to miraculously fix the particular ylod, they might come upon some huge difficulties.

Firstly, attempting to repair your yellow light on your own totally ruins whichever guarantee you may have acquired from Sony. They will no longer let you purchase a cheaper restored machine, and they also won’t repair yours. You’ll then be forced to obtain a brand new system costing you 100’s of dollars.

Second of all, your PS3 can get worse. A person wouldn’t really know the way to remedy it because the yellow light might appear for a number of causes. Just playing around expecting something to work might not be very successful.

No matter what, it is worthless to fret as well as panic. Less than 1% of Ps3 gaming systems actually see the ylod, hence the odds of this taking place once more are usually nominal, unlike with the Xbox 360 system, with 33% of units having the red ring of death. It isn’t entirely hopeless when you encounter the yellow light of death. It is likely that your particular PlayStation could be fixed very easily by Sony for a price.

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