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RAN joins the ranks of doomsayers and cranks on palm oil: Disproven and Debunked

March 5, 2019 | Author: | Posted in INTERNET

Doomsayers and cranks come in all of all ages. They enjoy creating fear and panic from them own misinterpretation of data, and worry by what effects their negativity can have so long as it means that they will be proven correct, or at least seem like. The most obvious doomsayers are the type who publicly humiliate themselves by predicting the world’s apocalyptical demise after which frequently requiring you to backtrack. But millions of people hanging onto their every word and taking drastic actions when preparing for the supposed Armageddon, it is obvious to see the powerful affects any particular one doomsayer might have above the masses.

There are lots of such visible predictions of history, but the the one thing that they can all share is because failed to become a. These folks were dependant on false, misinterpretation of knowledge, and hype designed to get masses of individuals to believe what was being said.

This is actually the case using the ongoing palm oil production saga. The doomsayers in this case are green groups such as Rainforest Action Network while others that hang on on their every word, who have been associating sustainable palm oil production using the eventual destruction of the universe through deforestation and global warming. To start with palm oil destroys the world it is going to of course ruin the good health of everyone who consumes it using its high saturated fat content.

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