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North Carolina Criminal Records Database

May 31, 2013 | Author: | Posted in LEGAL

In the state of North Carolina, one of the documents that the people can access is the North Carolina criminal records. This has allowed the residents to obtain a copy of the said file easily to help them in whatever decisions they have to make.

Criminal records are one of the important documents used in criminal cases. Investigators would use such documents when they are conducting a case investigation. In some cases, the documents would help resolve the case and it is used in court proceedings. Criminal files are not only used in courthouses but employers would also refer to this document to check on the people who work for them. This can help employers to avoid conflicts and issues in the workplace later in the future. Ordinary citizens of the state would also request to check on the criminal records of the people they are dealing with. Gardeners, nannies, tutors, caretaker’s even friends and relatives are among the people whose records are being checked by the local residents.

When a criminal record is issued to an offender, it would contain his/her personal details. This includes the complete name, address and the birth date. One would also know how the individual looks like by looking at the description area on the file. It would indicate whether the person has some body markings or not. Details about the crimes that the individual has committed along with the charges and the sentence given are found on the document. One would also find arrest details on the document.

One has to pay $14 for the processing of the retrieval of the record. The search is done with a fingerprint scan. One should properly fill out the request form and indicate one’s reason for obtaining the document because not everyone can get a copy of a criminal record. One can request for his personal record to make sure that all the things indicated on the file is valid. Agencies which are non criminal offices need to have a valid reason to get the requested document.

The State Bureau of Investigation under the Division of Justice in North Carolina manages the criminal records of the state. This is the first place that one should go to when planning to get a copy of a criminal record. The county courthouse can provide a copy of a criminal court record. Doing the search at any of the motioned office would eat up your time. There is much faster and convenient method in getting such documents and that is through the use of the Internet.

Many are now open to the idea of getting public criminal records online. By doing the online search, people can maximize their time and would be able to save their energy in going to any office. It has eliminated the need travel to any office just to file the request. The document can be obtained even at the comforts of one’s home. This is very useful for those who are far from the office and has no time to go out for some reason.

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