Internet is the single place where you can start your online business and do wonders and for that you need to be an Internet marketer. Big Gurus who are ruling the internet were at times only simple people who were browsing internet. Using the power of internet you can too become a successful internet marketer. BUT how ? your quest ends as you take up Pure leverage the one stop complete solution for your internet marketing masterpiece equipped with the tools and bounty of information for you to harness and come out as a successful IMER.

The elite coaching program will provide you with the attraction marketing technique will see to it that the prospects call you for information rather than you calling them how sweet it would be isn’t ..and it will also help you leverage your team to create huge monthly and residual income for life, when your team duplicates or models your strategy its sure win -win situation for you..

Now lets look into the tools which you will equip with to plunge into the ocean of IM
Easy flow auto responder system: the success of IM is the list which you own and you can capture the leads to your advantage using the point and click software which even a kid can do and you can see tens of thousands of prospects in your list easily and quickly..
The built in auto responder system will take care of follow up of the prospects and convert them to your customer without you lifting your finger!

Video email service: Videos are powerful marketing tool to make your prospect fall for as a lead to your list cause picture and audio speaks for itself clarifying the prospect about your system and the templates which are professionally designed will be helping you post powerful videos which connect you with the prospect on much deeper level.

Authority BLOGS: Blogs are places where you get tones of traffic to your product and capture leads easily as you know very well millionaires are made up of blogs which they own and its fantastic to have a professional well structured blog for your promotion and you keep the profits 100%

Turbo traffic generation: traffic is the lifeblood of any website without traffic no money and with huge targeted traffic its goldmine on your backyard. You will learn purelevarage
Giving you low cost solution and viral methods of getting huge traffic to your website and make the most out of your visitors.. you can sit back and relax as the big sites send you traffic your way..

Live Meeting room: You also get a meeting room where your attendees or prospects can be seated and 100 of them at a time and you can broadcast movies and videos to them and make them convert to customers easily hassle free also you can engage your audience with video and voice chats and using spot polls they can be actively engaged with audio video presentations too..

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In a nutshell :
You are truly in the right place at the right time! You now have access to all the tools at Pure Leverage :

which include

1. A fully automated Lead Capture System with ad copy done for you!
2. A complete auto responder system with excellent inbox delivery.
3.A fully functional conference room that seats 100 Guests
4. Video email service that totally rocks!
5. And the best coaching you can get from our panel of Multi Million dollar earners.

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